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« We do not own nature, nature owns us »
Jacques Gosselin, president

In Fertilec, we endorse our applicators by purchasing their inputs.

Renaturalization, revegetation and erosion control. These terms closely related to nature and to Fertilec's philosophy, inspire our way of doing things.


Renaturalization consists of giving back their ecological role to natural forest, riparian and other environments which sustained stress. The rehabilitation of lakes, rivers, ponds, ditches, banks, mines and quarries; the establishment of environmentally friendly pathways, the restoration of highways, access routes and parking areas; are all actions helping to improve our quality of life. Not to mention, for example, the development of skiable terrain, hunting and fishing camps which respects the preservation principles of those environments.

Combining our expertise with our partners', we can guarantee a quality turnkey service, 100% suited to your specific needs. Our expert consultants will determine with precision the necessary varieties of seeds and turf, according to the type of soil you have to deal with, in addition to being able to propose a customized maintenance program to you.

Find Flexguard and Spyguard high performing products with our certified applicator partners.


Revegetation is giving life back to a natural environment which has sustained a trauma caused by replanting ad/or seeding. This process prevents soil and sheets of water degradation, which, in the end, contributes to the different ecosystems' health. Researches have shown that the quality and variety of seeds used (which should ideally differ from original ones), directly influence the success rate of revegetation projects.

Erosion control

Erosion, when it is the result of human action – agriculture, urbanisation, deforestation – reduces the soils quality and thus modifies the ecosystems. In an ideal context, it can be slowed or completely eradicated.

Work executed with FERTILEC's products:
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Hydroseeding, also known as hydraulic seeding, allows for an extraordinary quality of coverage. In the industry, Fertilec has the best materials that combine, apart from being environmentally friendly, technology and performance.

Outsmart climate constraints with customized seeds and highly performing soluble fertilizers. Discover many vegetable adhesives, polymers with remarkable absorption (300 times their weight in water), crampons and various mats, durable, geotextiles and lockgrits.

Flexguard and Sprayguard products replace traditional mats, less efficient, due to the use of joints. The facts: these beds often have less adhesion and absorb little or no inputs, while necessarily requiring crampons. Mat Inc. products do not have crampons, are safe and recognized by the ministère des Transports du Québec.

Consult also our Hydroseeding guide available online under the heading "Catalogue".

List of certified applicators

Work and results guaranteed at 100 % by our Mat Inc. certified applicators.

Martin Guay Cellulaire 1-514-434-3437
173, route du Canton
Brownsburg-Chatham Québec J8G 1R7
Phone 1-450-562-3437
Fax 1-450-562-1805

Alain Noël Cellulaire 1-514-260-0092
641, rang des Trente
St-Marc-sur-Richelieu Québec J0E 2E0
Phone 1-450-584-3343
Fax 1-450-584-3488

Roger Jobin Cellulaire 1-819-763-7397
2060, boul. Témiscamingue
Evain, Québec J0Z 1Y0
Phone 1-819-762-9181
Fax 1-819-764-6749

Clément Poulin Mobile 1-418-215-1109
209, route 132
St-Fabien, Québec G0L 2Z0
Phone 1-418-869-2000
Fax 1-418-869-2215

Carl Deschênes Cellulaire 1-418-964-6730
350, Jolliet
Sept Iles Québec G4R 2B2
Phone 1-418-962-1244 Extention 229
Fax 1-418-968-0007

Jean Texeira Cellulaire 1-418-520-1084
8096, boul. Wilfrid-Hamel Ouest
Sainte-Foy Québec G2G 0H7
Phone 1-418-872-9663
Fax 1-418-872-5227

Bertrand Soucy Cellulaire 1-418-863-3209
64, route 230 Ouest
St-Pascal Kamouraska Québec
Phone 1-800-461-2310
Fax 1-418-492-231